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Packaging Products

AGI glaspac is a premier manufacturer of industrial recyclable glass. AGI has been dedicated in building a totally environment friendly world for everyone, through effective carbon footprint recycling of the glassware used in industrial and consumer uses.

A SBU of HSIL Ltd. (better known as AGI) the division was established in 1972 engaged in manufacturing high quality glass containers. AGI -Glasspac has an excellent reputation in the market and caters to a diverse customer base, from Food, Pharmaceuticals, Soft Drinks, Spirits, Beer, Wine and other industries. A key player, brand AGIis also the only producer of special ‘coloured bottles’ at present in the country. The division also provides other services such as screen printing, bottle coating, and glass packaging right from conceptualisation, design, and manufacturing.

The container glass division is a B2B business unit, it is India’s second largest container glass producer commanding a 18% market share pan India and 64% in the Southern market.

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HSIL Ltd. acquired another packaging unit in August 2011, Garden Polymers Pvt. Ltd.(GPPL). A subsidiary of HSIL Ltd, Garden Polymers is a leading supplier of PET bottles to the Health Care Industry, Personal care and Alco-beverage industry in India. This was the very objective of the acquisition as it helps HSIL to exploit the full potential of the bottling industry both in the area of glass and plastic packaging.

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