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The Socially Responsible Corporate

At HSIL, our commitment towards societal enhancement is of great significance. And, it is our firm belief that collective growth is the best way to operate in a business environment. This conviction was seeded from the date HSIL began its corporate journey five decades back and as we work towards the future this will become the corner stone of our corporate strategy.

The value of natural resources available to us cannot be measured or summed up in words and we are painfully aware of fast its depletion, water being our primary concern. It is a fine balance between business & sustainability and requires mutual respect. Over the years as the company grew, we never lost sight of the responsibility we have towards our shareholders, consumers, employees, the community and pride ourselves in creating meaningful impacts which has and will continue to the touch the lives of many.

Highlights of the small steps we have undertaken:

THROUGH PRODUCT DESIGN & EFFORTS : It is a well-known proverb ‘Water is the elixir’ of life and our dependence on this finite yet vulnerable water resource is indisputable. The growing interdependence on water is growing every day and it is an issue that we consider very seriously.

We responded to this crisis through the following initiatives:

  • We were instrumental in helping the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for reduction in water consumption per flushing over the years.
  • We commissioned an R&D centre (recognised by the Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science, Govt. of India for more than 30 years), the first such instance in our industry
  • We rationalised the consumption of water per flush in our products from 15 litres in 1962 to 10 litres in 1984 and 6/3 litres in 2004 (a potential saving of 35,000 litres per annum across a family of four)
  • We launched European Water Closet (EWC) which consumes only 3.5 litres of water per flush.

THROUGH SOCIAL INITIATIVES : Welfare of the society and the community through the Krishna Somany Trust and other activities.

  • Building of a secure home for more than 70 children in association with the Haryana Child Welfare Society. Mr. R K Somany takes personal interest in the well-being of the children and never misses an occasion to catch up on their progress.
  • Promoting an orphanage at Bahdurgarh – A personal effort once again by Mr. R K Somany, CMD, HSIL Limited.
  • Built a multipurpose Convention Hall for the‘Employees Federation’ of Southern India, Chennai.
  • Built an Executive Conference Hall at Bahadurgarh Chamber of Commerce & Industries to help promote business in the Bahadurgarh region. HSIL was among the first companies to begin their business venture from the area.
  • Built an RO based water purification plant for over its 300 strong staff at the HSIL manufacturing unit at Somanypuram, near Hyderabad, ensuring safe and reliable drinking water for its employees.
  • Built a safe drinking water facility for villagers at Laxmidevigudem village near its manufacturing unit at Somanypuram, Hyderabad.
  • HIV & AIDS awareness seminars for the workers at the manufacturing units at Bahadurgarh and Somanypuram (Hyderabad). The prime objective of these programs is to educate and garner awareness about the devastating health and social implications of HIV and precautions.
  • Adopted best practices in to conserve and recycle water at its manufacturing units. These globally benchmarked mechanisms ensure near-zero wastage of fresh water during the manufacturing process. Moreover, even the waste water eliminated during manufacture is recycled for horticulture applications and usage and thus helps in contributing to a greener environment. Most of the other solid manufacturing waste generated is again treated before being recycled or disposed in an environmentally safe manner.